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I’ve had this set put together for over a month. I had this whole post planned about how “Thanksgiving-ish” it is and really thought I was on point. And then I basically forgot I had a blog.

I know. How does that even happen?

As much as I love my blog, I just.got.tired. Tired of planning. Tired of thinking. Tired of trying to stay up past 6 o’clock when Daylight Savings ended. Sigh.

However – my mom casually mentioned to me the other day that her friends in Film Club (especially Linda and Carolyn) were missing my posts. (Side note: Film Club or Movie Club? Either way, some club with movies and champagne.) It was then I realized I needed to dust off my laptop, get in gear, and create some fun holiday posts. So… here we go! I’m going to pre-date several posts and hopefully have them rolling throughout the month!

And now… on to the fashion. I absolutely love the fall – especially November into December. The crisp air is so comforting, and I love a pair of leggings more than is probably healthy. Sweaters and scarves simply scream comfort, campfires, and frost. It is absolutely my favorite time of year. This set is an homage to my love of all things autumnal. I love this bright red shirt that goes so well with the cardigan from H&M. The leggings and knee-high boots elongate the body and the gold accents truly warm up the entire look. I also love this brown bag from Zara; it comes with a cross-body strap to wear when shopping but folds conveniently into the satchel for a night out. What are some of the things that remind you of fall? I can’t wait to hear! Xo!