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Let me start by saying that I have been searching for the perfect plus-size chambray shirt for over a year. I’ve tried on what seems like a hundred different shirts, none which fit exactly right. My biggest problem is that they are too small in the chest area; however, I think that this shirt from Nordstrom may just fit the bill. From what I’ve read, it fits true to size (hallelujah) and has plenty of room for those of us who are bustier than the average gal. I am hoping to find this on my next trip to Nordstrom and if it does indeed fit I’ll definitely be spending a little extra to have one that finally fits. I love the idea of adding this shirt to a pair of brightly colored shorts. I own these shorts from Target in every color they make – they hold up for YEARS and fit perfectly. I also like the cuff on the leg because it makes the shorts seem more dressy. Adding a fun clutch to this look really plays up the different colors in the outfit and allows you to pull in a bunch of different accessories to tie it all together. I’m a big bangle fan and love the different colors layered together. A pair of strappy sandals and these amazing Rachel Reinhardt earrings (on sale, yes!) make a perfectly balanced and chic summer look. Happy Wednesday!