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Stripes and Spots
Gold Rock Stud Ring ($38) / Polka Dot Loafers ($205) / Stretch Jeans ($69) / White Shirt ($5) / Knit Blazer ($18) / Coral Flats ($265) / Gold Bracelet ($70) /  Striped Scarf ($37)

I am so ready for spring. While I love sweaters and leggings more than most normal people, I also love being able to open up my windows and soaking up the sun. This outfit can be transitioned from winter to spring quite easily by simply changing a few accessories; yes, I know that these accessories are more expensive than the norm, but they were just so.good. I couldn’t pass them up!

For now, pairing this amazing shirt from JC Penny (on clearance in stores for $5? Can’t beat that!) and a pair of dark trouser jeans with a basic black blazer (again, $18? Wow!) creates a very classic look for a great price point. These polka dot calf hair loafers are very luxurious (and happen to scream the name of my mom’s BFF, Vicky.) Pairing them with a fun cocktail ring is an easy outfit that looks very pulled together.

For the spring time, I’d ditch the blazer and add a great striped scarf – it keeps the look bright but will serve as an extra layer on cool spring nights. These gorgeous coral flats from TB are a great color, and I love that the toe is slightly pointed and has a little hint of gold lining the sole. A gold bracelet rounds out the look; with such a clean look, too much jewelry would look forced and would overwhelm the simplicity of it all. Hope everyone has a happy Wednesday!