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Shiny and New

I love the look of a blazer and fun, girly dress. This black Dorothy Perkins dress is a staple piece that is brought up to date with the zipper in the front. Because of that great detail, a blazer pulls the look together without too much fuss – you could also use a cardigan, but I like the sophisticated touch that a blazer brings to it. I also love the cut and color of this draped blazer; not having buttons creates a straight line where the jacket falls, paralleling nicely with the zipper. This Tinley Road cuff is such a fun piece to add to this look because it ties in the colors of the jacket, earrings, and tights effortlessly. I would tease up my hair just a tad and pull it into a sleek pony tail to show off the lines in the blazer and the sweet little stud earrings. Adding in thick tights and wedges allows for a little more warmth than regular tights or bare legs, and with temperatures being so cold recently, it’s definitely smart to have a little extra padding! Finally, I love this coral clutch with this look because it really warms up the color of the blazer and keeps it from looking too dreary. This outfit is definitely chic, and this jacket and dress are now officially at the top of my ever-growing wish list!