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Fantasy Friday: Volume 2, Edition 1

Rachel Pally Mini Caftan Dress ($253)

I adore Rachel Pally. Her body-conscious dresses are made for women of every size, and as a plus size woman herself, she has a unique eye for creating looks that can flatter anyone. I liked the idea of creating an outfit with this dress that can be worn now, during the winter months, and that can be transitioned to the spring and summer by swapping a few accessories. For now, pairing the dress with high denier count tights (so that they aren’t see through at all) and a pair of knee-high boots creates a fun look for a night out on the town. I love the shape of the bracelet that is made of gold blocks – it looks so decadent and artsy. Adding in a great purple leather satchel and the chandelier earrings makes the whole look seem effortless in its execution. I thought about pairing a clutch with this look, but for the winter a more substantial bag keeps the outfit from looking too “Miami heat” during the cooler months.

For the “later” look, the first item that was added was the great Alexander McQueen clutch. The geometric pattern on the box clutch looks great with the bright pattern on the dress. I also really like the blue accessories for this outfit – the beaded earrings come in a myriad of colors if the blue doesn’t tickle your fancy, and the horn bracelet is so unique that it would add to the dress without stealing all the attention. I searched and searched for a pair of shoes that would go with this outfit – I probably looked at over 300 pairs trying to find the perfect ones. Once I saw these amazing Zanotti pair I almost squealed with delight; the bold look matches the dress perfectly and are unbelievably sexy.

Cheers to a wonderful weekend, everyone! We are getting some unseasonably warm days this weekend, so I know I’ll be soaking up the sun as much as possible! Xoxo!