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Golden Girl

I find myself wearing a lot of black these days and have been observing that many women, both professionally and casually, do the same. When making those observations, the women who look the most pulled together are those who break up the monotony with accessories that chop up the plain palette. My personal preference for breaking up a blah outfit is to pile on loads of gold or silver as I did with this look. This Eight Sixty shirt is a great piece because it can be worn so many different ways. It would look great with a skirt and blazer, could elongate you with flared jeans and heels, and of course be casual chic with a pair of skinny jeans and flats. I’d also transition this piece into summer and wear it with a pair of shorts and cute pair of flip-flops. I like the black skinny jeans for this look because they would look great at the office as well as out for a drink with the girls. Adding in a fabulous gold pair of flats (Tory Burch is my go-to for metallic shoes) and some chunky jewelry adds to the outfit without making it look over the top. I am usually a one necklace kind of girl, but pairing a chunky necklace that sits on the collar-bone with a longer, skinnier necklace with embellishment (like the spiky one) creates good dimensions with the rest of the look. I like these Kate Spade earrings because they have a touch of gold but aren’t so busy that they’ll distract from the necklaces or look gaudy. Adding in a few dainty stacked rings with tiny black stones pulls the jewelry together and creates a lovely, polished look.