Hello all!

It has been entirely too long since I’ve written – I know, I know, I’m a bad blog Mommy. The past few weeks have been incredibly busy (Christmas is always hectic) but having your parents get the flu and then getting the flu yourself… not the best recipe for creative exploration. Luckily everyone is feeling much better now and my creative juices are once again flowing. Hurrah!

I have written fifty posts for my blog thus far and it truly has been a labor of love. However, as we enter this new year, I want to expand this blog and create content that excites you to read each day. I don’t want this blog to merely be a platform for me to discuss the trends and outfits I love; I thrive on hearing comments from you, and learning what you need helps me to be a better writer. Tell me who you are, what you like, things you love… comment away!

I want to create a forum for women of all sizes to learn how to dress for their body without feeling self-conscious about the number on their clothing or feeling scared to try a new trend. I want to be a resource that teaches you how to dress while creating looks that are friendly for any style or budget. I want to show you how to re-vamp old pieces, use pieces for more than one look, and show you how even little additions to an outfit can completely change the look. I am excited to continue this journey with you – thank you for your support!

Here’s to a new year, new looks, and new fashion! Cheers!

Xoxo, Lala