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Gifts for Her: $50 or Less
Christmas is my favorite holiday because I love to give gifts. It brings me so much happiness to find something that the recipient will love because the joy on their face when they’re opening it is better than any material gift I could receive. I’m going to put together a few gift guides for this holiday season – I’m hoping to help those who are in a shopping rut and hopefully give some great ideas for people who are hard to shop for.
1. I cannot get over how cute these PJ’s are… The gold polka dots are to die for! They would be a great gift for a niece or, if you have a PJ tradition, to give out to wear on Christmas Eve. It’s always smart to look fashionable for Santa’s big arrival!
2. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to use a touchscreen phone when you have gloves on, but it is quite a daunting task. Having to remove your gloves every time you want to press a button can be cumbersome; these great gloves have an innovative touch pad on the fingertip so you can text and keep your fingers warm at the same time. Plus, they come in a variety of colors. It’s always nice to have options!
3. Having a good manicure is necessary for the holiday season; going to parties can be tiring, and it’s smart to make sure your paws are polished for all the meet-and-greets. These three colors are a nice departure from the traditional bright red you normally see this time of year, and no matter what the event, you can be sure that the colors will be a hit.
4. Scarves are a good go-to gift for just about anyone on your holiday list. Men, women, and children can all benefit from a nice neck wrap, and this chevron print from AX is not only subtle but fashion forward. The grey stripes can go with brown, black, or white, and will be sure to dress up any color in between (lime green, anyone?)
5. I don’t know about you, but one of my greatest fears is having my phone die when I need it most. My phone died once when I was en-route to Richmond, VA; I got lost in “The Fan” and almost had a nervous breakdown. Luckily, these handy iPhone chargers (that work with any apple device) can be plugged into your phone to give it a little more juice when it’s close to being dead. As an added bonus, they come in two exciting prints that definitely look better than the plain black ones that I’ve seen.
6. The last item for today is a pair of simple chandelier earrings. The apricot color is lovely, and they would look amazing for New Years.
Stay tuned over the next couple weeks to see what else is in store!