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Red Shirt ($49) / Tweed Jacket ($40) / Skinny Jeans ($25) / Nude Flat ($17) /
During Thanksgiving, I find myself traveling quite a bit. Going in and out of houses all day is an event in itself, and the extremes of temperatures in houses definitely calls for layering; my mother’s house is usually a balmy sixty-eight degrees, while my grandparents house feels like it’s in the mid eighties. If you are popping in and out of different localities like myself, I hope you too employ the use of layers. This rose-colored shirt is a great weight – it’s sheer enough to keep cool but warm enough to be worn on its own. Adding a tweed blazer jazzes up the outfit, and because it isn’t cut like a classic blazer it keeps the jacket casual. These nude flats are perfect to wear with skinny jeans –  the patent leather look is very pretty and at $17 you’d be hard pressed to find a better priced pair. I like the idea of two bold pieces of jewelry with this outfit – the black bracelet’s texture is a nice contrast to the silky blouse, and these geometric earrings look very similar to a pair of Marni earrings that run for over $500. A nude bag filled with makeup, a phone, and a Xanax for if things get stressful rounds out the outfit, and hopefully makes you feel as fabulous as you look! I’ll be cooking up a storm for the next few days, so if I don’t get a chance to post, Happy Thanksgiving!