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Orange Original
Knee High Boots ($40) / Leopard Clutch ($45) / Ring ($30) / Chain Necklace ($34) /
Comfortable boots with a trendy skirt or dress are two of my favorite ways to integrate boots into a wardrobe. Boots can be very dressy, classic, or informal, but either way they are something every girl should have in at least one color. I wanted to find a boot that was not black or brown and integrate it into a set that would be appropriate for work but would also be great for an afternoon wine tasting or a ladies lunch. These grey boots are definitely funky yet incredibly wearable. The orange skirt livens up a neutral color palette and brings in a beautiful fall color. A chambray shirt is perfect for this outfit – it isn’t too loose, it is a great color, and it doesn’t make you look like you’ve been farming all morning. Beware of chambray shirts that make you look like Farmer Fred; always pick one that’s flattering to your body shape, and pay attention to the buttons, for they often subtly dictate the overall look of those shirts. Adding a slouchy cardigan keeps this outfit a little dressier while also giving some warmth to the outfit. I would push up the sleeves of the cardigan slightly and roll the cuff of the chambray sleeve up so it was peeking out from under the cardigan. Adding a chain necklace keeps the outfit on trend, and the circles on the ring contrast nicely from the spikes on the necklace. The leopard clutch pulls all of the colors together nicely, while the hint of sparkle in the nail polish gives a delightful finishing touch.