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Golden Opportunity
I have to start out this post by giving a major shout out to my friend Lyndsay – she introduced me to nude fishnets a couple of weeks ago and they have become my new obsession. I’m giving her major props for making this post happen (and for being so sneakily fashion forward!)
This Michael Kors dress is so pretty for so many different reasons. The cut is very flattering on the chest, playing up small chests and minimizing large ones. The sleeves have a dolman cut which hide large arms. The faux wrap cuts in at the natural waist creating curves. The snake print is fabulous. I just adore it! While it is priced rather steeply at $144, I have a feeling it will come down soon and be much more affordable to those of us on a limited budget! Pairing this dress with the nude fishnets and nude heels are a great way to keep warm without wearing basic nude nylons which are not only unflattering but totally outdated. The fishnets give the leg just the smallest hint of a tan and are fun to wear while still appearing conservative. All of the gold jewelry plays on the warm tones of the browns in the dress, with the sequined clutch contributing just a touch of bling to the look. I also love the idea of adding a fun belt to the look to break up the middle a little bit. I would totally rock this look; hopefully my mother is reading this and agrees that this dress should come live with me for Christmas! (Don’t worry mom, I’m only kidding… kind of.)