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Bubblegum and Blue
A bright piece can liven up any outfit, and in this case the pink skirt is no exception. This A-line shape is flattering on every figure and this bubblegum pink is a great color for fall. A lot of people think that certain colors can only be worn during a specific season, but pairing them with the right pieces can make them wearable any time of year. This striped tank could be worn for many different occasions and keeps the outfit from looking too plain. I really like the look of a dolman sleeve for the fall but the proportions need to be correct to keep from looking like a blimp; this cardigan has ribbed sleeves that can be pushed up to make the shape work for many body types and has a belt that would keep the sweater from swallowing the rest of the outfit. The black wedges are from J.C.Penny and are great deal at $37! The pointy toe is professional yet chic, and the wedge heel keeps feet from aching so much at the end of the day which is always a bonus. This bright blue bag is a sassy touch to keep the outfit looking young and fresh, and with the cross-body strap it’s great for commuting girls too!