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Beauty Basics
Finally, Wednesday! Besides Friday, of course, Wednesday is my favorite day of the work week. You are on the downward spiral towards finishing the week and in general people seem to be in high spirits. (Well, that’s true in a middle school. Middle school students are NOT happy on a Monday.) I thought that on this particularly cheery Wednesday I would post my first article on beauty by showcasing some of my favorite products.
Now, when it comes to beauty, I wouldn’t say I know all the tips and tricks to have flawless makeup – however, I have spent some time trying out different products over the years and have amassed a collection of makeup that works well for my skin tone and type. In general, it seems that most people have certain items that they will splurge on and certain items that they will save on. For me, it’s clearly the eyes that I splurge on. When I discovered most of these products, I got them as a sample from Sephora or through Birchbox (which will have a separate post about in the next couple of weeks.) For an everyday look, I wear a neutral eye color with black cream eyeliner on my top lid. After discovering how to apply cream eyeliner on the top lid, I will never go back to a regular stick. However, I do like a dark but bright-colored eyeliner pencil to lightly line my bottom eyelid with; I think a subtle hint of color brightens up the eyes and creates a nice youthful look. I also used DiorShow mascara for years, but a friend turned me on to Voluminous Mascara by L’Oreal and I am a convert – it’s cheaper and works even better in my opinion.
For my face, I use a natural Covergirl foundation on blemishes and under my eyes. I got the Beauty Blender foundation sponge as a gift in my Birchbox one month and have loved using it; however, when it falls apart, I might have a hard time spending so much on a face sponge. People do swear by them though, so to each his own. For the rest of my face, I use a light powder and NARS blush. I switched to the NARS blush after hearing rave reviews on it and the color “Super Orgasm” is a sheer peach that works on every skin tone. As an added bonus, the blush lasts for at least a year. I also try to keep my nails polished as much as I can, and for fall a dark purple is a gorgeous option. A final touch is some good old Vaseline on my lips to keep them moisturized. I’ve tried all kinds of lipstick and gloss, but Vaseline is my tried and true choice for lips.
I would love to hear about some of your daily beauty products and routines! Word of mouth seems to be the best way to find out about new trends and types of makeup, so feel free to discuss away so we can all feel beauty-ful!