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This dress is perfect for fall. The color and the cut are universally flattering, and the stretchy belt is a great accent. You are probably looking at the Mulberry belt and thinking that I’m crazy for looking at a belt that’s $250… and you’d be right. I usually have a filter turned on that limits my searches to under $100 and apparently I had it turned off, hence the high price. However, the thing that attracted me to the belt in the first place was the gorgeous caramel color of it – I thought with the dark brown boots and bag that a lighter color belt would also look pretty with the dress. I picked gold jewelry to bring out the warmth in the browns, but to me the best accessory is the bag. It looks very sophisticated and expensive, and you would never guess it is from… (drum roll please)… Target! The side zips and great cut make the bag look like it is worth at least $250, if not more. I’m waiting patiently for the collection to go on clearance, and then it’s game on!