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Fantasy Friday: Volume 1, Edition 3
I love Fantasy Friday. It is my favorite post of the week because everything I post is so luxurious… I love. This week, I stumbled upon a fabulous pussy-bow dress shirt from Comme Des Garcons that is to DIE for. I haven’t been able to find very many pussy-bow shirts in a plus size that have a sophisticated look, but this one is stunning. The large bow is perfect for women with large chests; smaller bows tend to accentuate chest size in women who are well endowed and the cut and placement of this bow is perfect. This rag & bone brocade blazer is gorgeous as well – I love the fact that the pattern is accentuated by the wine colored skirt but that it doesn’t detract from any other piece. Adding the knee-high boots gives the outfit a polished finish without being stuffy. I have been swooning over all the rings that YSL has come out with over the past several seasons, and even though this one is  from an older collection it still remains one of my favorites. I also loved the unique feel of the doorknocker earrings – what a simple but clever design! To finish off the look, I added a fabulous Giuseppe Zanotti bag – I like the structure of the bag and the fact that when it’s opened it looks similar to an old doctors satchel. Happy Friday!