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Fantasy Friday: Volume 1, Edition 2
I know, I know. $1700 on a pair of shoes? I may seem crazy. This picture really doesn’t do them justice though – if you click on the link, you’ll see that the soles of the shoes are covered in silver glitter. Glitter! And really, if I DID have a month’s paycheck to spend on shoes, these are too fabulous to pass up… right? These Prada booties had such a great shape to them that I had to include them in the fantasy Friday as well. They would look fantastic with a dress or with jeans and have a slight vintage appeal that would make them a staple piece in any wardrobe. I have had a hard time finding a pair of plus size trouser jeans that have the classic extended hem and enough structure to dress up or down; however, I think these Joe Browns jeans fit the bill quite nicely. As for the jacket, I love how it looks a little bit like Chanel without the $3K price tag (especially since Chanel doesn’t make clothing past a size 10… sigh.) The Proenza Schouler PS1 bag is one of the “it bags” for fall, and while it comes in classic colors, I think this yellow is a fun deviation from the normal browns and blues we normally see this time of year. As for the jewelry, a simple cameo ring and pair of diamond studs are all you would need to complete the outfit. Since the jacket has the gold chain detail, you wouldn’t need a necklace or bracelet as it would distract from the beauty of the coat. And if anyone out there has some extra cash lying around, I’m a size 9. Just FYI.