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Shifting Gears

I’ll say it. Shift dresses can be frumpy. Without accessories, they can look old, boring, and downright depressing. However, throw in a few bright accents and the look of a shift dress completely changes! I was so excited while making my first set that I decided I needed to make a second in order to show everything I wanted… it almost turned into three but luckily I reigned myself in so I could talk about what I love about the first two without getting sidetracked.

Jean jackets are a wonderful piece to keep in your wardrobe year round. They make a great light-weight coat for any outfit and look surprisingly good over dresses. I think crisp, white jean jackets are gorgeous when styled well, and with these two dresses a white jacket would look beautiful. I love the black and white stripes on the first dress; they are spaced out enough that they would be flattering on most body types, and adding a bright scarf or pair of flats would make it look preppy and a little bit funky at the same time. The gold bow bracelet gives it a perfect girly touch. On the flip side of that, I think a solid color shift dress would look great with this jacket too. If you rolled the sleeves up on the jacket and had a hint of the blue sleeve peeking out from underneath, you could easily tie in different accessories to give the dress a whole new look.

Stay tuned for part two tomorrow!