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shifting gears 2
I initially didn’t like the red dress in this group. I thought it looked like a “work dress” and wasn’t really feeling it. However, after styling the dress, I actually think it would be a great piece to have that could transition well into winter and even early spring. The cardigan and wedges give the dress a sophisticated feel without looking like it’s trying too hard to be fancy. You could easily wear this to work and then out for cocktails. I paired a blue denim jacket and boots with it as well because this happens to be my favorite way to wear a shift dress. I almost always wear a scarf with my shift dress and think that the knee-high boots make it comfortable without looking too casual – it’s an outfit I feel covered in yet fashionable wearing. I focused on great scarves that would look great with all the outfits I created, but a necklace could offset any of the dresses just as well.
I think the most important part in buying any article of clothing is making sure that you feel amazing in it. Too often, I’ve bought an outfit thinking it might look better with a different shirt or pair of shoes and have ended up never wearing it again. I like the idea that buying one of these dresses could inspire so many different outfits… and let’s face it, finding dresses that work on a plus size body is not always a pleasant nor rewarding task. Listen to your gut instincts when looking for one of these dresses, and don’t be afraid to take risks! Get into gear, girls!