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Red Hot
I created this lovely set with a fever, hence the name “red-hot.” Really, it could have been called “slightly delusional” because I was in such a haze while writing it, but I thought it came out well none-the-less. I am DYING to get a pair of colorful denim jeans – the red seems like a great jumping off point. I really like a cardigan that has swing to it because they always seem to highlight what you want to show but can hide what you don’t. Truthfully, I hate shirts that are right up against my stomach, because as a plus sized woman, I think a little bit of give in clothing is critical. The hardest thing for me to learn when shopping for myself was that I couldn’t pay attention to the size anymore; I needed to pay attention to the fit. Learning to embrace that has given me power when shopping that I was unaware existed. Shop away ladies, and get “red-hot!”