My first blog.

Because they’re too fabulous NOT to love, right?

I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a blog for quite some time now. I love fashion, love giving fashion advice, and love things that are beautiful. The drawback? I am a plus-size girl in a skinny world. I drool over the beautiful clothing that I see but more often than not, it doesn’t fit me (especially in the upper quadrant, if you get my drift.) I am also a teacher, which doesn’t exactly pay big bucks, so I am forced to be frugal when trying to create looks that are not only fashion forward but that also flatter my body. Conundrum, right? Not so. I have learned to scour the internet for sales and, in turn, have created a beautiful wardrobe that makes me excited to get dressed every day. I am hoping to pass along some of my finds to women who share my passions, and hopefully create some new ideas for myself too.

I’m excited to begin this journey! Enjoy the blog, and eat more cake.